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Getting to Bremen

Bremen ( is an old city located in North Germany. It is the smallest state of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is built along the river Weser and therefore is it quite long but not wide.

You can get to Bremen by plane, train or car. Below are some suggestions on how to get to Bremen from the locations of our project partners.

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Getting to Bremen from Nancy is quite time consuming. The options would be either to come by train all the way or to get to Paris and then get a plane to Bremen.

In the first option (train all the way) there are two main choices:

  1. Going first noth to Luxemburg and changing there to a train to Bremen
  2. Going first to Strasbourg and then to Bremen

I found the 1st option a bit more comfortable, but be warned that the journey is long, at least 9-10 hours.

The second option (flight from Paris) is described below.


The train journey from Paris takes around 9 hours.

A flight journey is not that much more expensive. Air France ( has a direct flight to Bremen while Lufthansa ( and KLM ( have one stop. All flights are from Charles de Gaulle airport.


The best option from Milan would be to fly to Bremen with Ryanair ( from Orio al Serio airport. Air France (, Alitalia (, KLM ( and Luftahnsa ( and  would be other possibilities but the journy has one stop (no direct flight).


The best option from Barcelona would be to fly to Bremen direct with Ryanair ( from Girona. Air France (, Luftahnsa ( and Spanair ( would be other possibilities but the journy has one stop (no direct flight).


Flying is of course the travel option from Helsinki. Air France (, Finnair (, Lufthansa ( and KLM ( are the possibilities, all of them having one stop but with Lufthansa being the cheapest one at the time of writing.


Flying is of course the best posibility. Lufthansa ( and SAS ( are the possible carriers and the journey has two stops (Stockholm and Munich).


The train journey from Utrecht takes around 4 to 5 hours.

Another option would be to travel to Amsterdam and fly from there with KLM (, but the price is around 4-5 times more and the journey time wouldn't be considerably shorter taking to account the check in time at the airport.


The best option from Lublin would be to travel to Warsaw - a three hour bus journey - and then fly to Bremen with Lufthansa ( or LOT (

The Forum location

The Bremen forum will take place at the Atlantic Hotel Universum ( which is located next to the University of Bremen.


By tram (see tram plan below)

  • From the airport:

Get the tram line 6 (it is the only one at the airport) direction University and get off at the stop ‘University NW1’. The tram stop at the airport is just outside the airport. The stop for the university direction tram is the one furthest away from the airport building. The journey takes around 25 – 30 minutes.

  • From the main train station:

Get outside the train station building from the main exit (direction Bremen centre). There are several bus and tram stops. Again you need line 6, direction university and need to get off at the stop ‘University NW1’. The journey takes around 15 minutes.

From the ‘University NW1’ stop the hotel is 3 minutes walk (see map).



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