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Parallel session A

Thursday April 17th, 16:30 - 18:00

This informal but structured session will give students and decision makers the chance to exchange ideas on how ICT is and should be used to support learning in higher education.

As participants, you will divide up into a series of small groups, each group addressing a specific question and supported by a moderator.

You can make notes, scribble or draw on large sheets of paper to support the discussion.

You then then change tables to address another question, building on (or disagreeing with!) what the first group has left...

At the end of the session, the conclusions will be shared with the whole group.

But a picture paints a thousand words, and moving images even more...

So take a look at the eLearning café video ( on the eLene YouTube channel, courtesy of our sister project eLene-EE!

Suggested questions/themes:


Are tools for people with disabilities available ?

If not, are there plan to remedy this?

Support / training

Some current tools aren't necessarily that easy to use (Moodle for example). As a consequence, some users can't or simply refuse to use them.

What support do you provide to students to help them learn to use ICT? What improvements to the existing support do you envisage?

What’s the role of ICT support when more and more often students are more at ease in using ICT tools than their teachers?

Integrating students' web 2.0 practices in higher education

How to find a balance between teacher initiated ict-platforms and other platforms students are using regularly, i.e. social media and online publishing systems?

How to benefit from available Internet resources and especially services (Wikis, blogs, youtube, flickr, ning) in teaching?

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