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./magda.jpgThis is me: Magda Ritzen

I am a learning psychologist with a big interest in the use of media / ICT in education.

I started working at Utrecht University (as a collegue of Ineke) in march 2007.

Before UU (since 1985) I worked in different universaties of professional education as an educational consultant: I worked with teachers and managers on ways they can develop and implement competency-based education (with or without ICT).  


I like work a lot, but I also like to travel a lot (South Africa), see movies, dance the tango (I am not good at all, but I really like it a lot), visit the house (old café) that I share with friends in France (Yonne/Bourgogne) and make photos. 


At IVLOS I am a projectmanager and ICT-consultant. My main field of interest is innovation of education using ICT. Special fields of interest are assessment of students, professional learning & development, communities of practice.

Role in e-Lene TLC:

With Ineke Lam: work package 3 --> extending the target group: students

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